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Botswana donates 1 million Pula to Japan

2011年3月18日 (金)


ボツワナ共和国から100万プーラ(約1200万円)の義援金。The Foreign Affairs Minister, Pandu Skelemani says the government has donated one million Pula to Japan to help in the relief efforts after the earthquake and Tsunami last week that caused a nuclear crisis.




We would like to send a prayer to all of the victims who have suffered from the earthquake that struck North Eastern Japan. There are many people who have suffered losses unimaginable, and still others that live in fear from radiation and aftershocks.
We hope and pray that people in Japan can live a normal life again, and although the task may seem daunting, we support the rebuilding of Japan.


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Government affirms Sudan stand in Support of Japan to overcome earthquake disaster


Khartoum, March 17 (SUNA) – The State Minister at the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq, Thursday conveyed the condolences and sympathy of the people and government of Sudan to the friendly people and government of Japan over the earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit the people of Japan

This came when the State Minister at the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs met Thursday with the Ambassador of Japan to Sudan, Akinori Wada, in the presence of the Humanitarian Aid Commissioner and the Secretary General of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society

The Minister affirmed the capability of the government and people of Japan to overcome this tragedy and announced the government donation with 100,000 US dollars as symbolic assistance to the victims of the disaster



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Kenyan marathon runners stand in solidarity with the people of Japan


On Thursday, March 17, the Kenyan Olympic medalists accompanied Prime Minister Raila Odinga to the Embassy of Japan in Nairobi to stand in solidarity with the people of Japan.
They expressed their sympathy in Japanese, as many of them lived and trained in Sendai, Japan where the earthquake hit hard.
The athletes included Douglas Wakihuri, Samuel Wanjiru, John Kanyi, Lucy Kabuu, Jacinta Wanjiru. Ms. Kabuu asked Japan residents not to give up. “God is with you,” she said.


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Kenya in solidarity with Japan, says PM


Prime Minister Raila Odinga has led several top athletes in sympathising with the people of Japan following a devastating earthquake.

The PM visited the Japanese embassy in Nairobi Thursday where he offered Kenya’s support in helping the country recover from the catastrophe that resulted in a tsunami, which caused widespread destruction.

Japan’s Ambassador to Kenya Toshihisa Takata, in paying tribute to Kenyans, said they were encouraged by their concern.



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Japan earthquake relief concert

Chieko Rambo practices the Japanese harp, hoping it will eventually strike up donations at a charity event for disaster relief in Japan, “They have tsunami and surrounded by cold water and cold weather and just thinking about being there is hard for us.” Chieko is an administrator at a Japanese school called Orlando Hoshuko Inc, many of her students are worried about their relatives back home, “The frustrating thing, they can’t call the phone doesn’t get through and they don’t know where is the family and can’t contact them.”
She’s still trying to find out who needs help, “We are sending emails and asking whose families affected and still thinking what we can do.” Her mother and brother are also in Japan and says they’re safe. But she worries what kind of impact it will have on her homeland, “They are just shocked by this disaster.”


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Sarasota non-profit helps in Japan disaster relief

From a small Sarasota office park, half a world away from the devastation in Japan, ShelterBox USA is beginning to provide relief.
“It really means hope to a disaster victim,” said Alan Monroe, Volunteer Program Manager for ShelterBox USA.
That hope comes in the form of a 55-gallon green box.
“Basically, what we put in a ShelterBox is everything a family needs to get back on their feet again after a disaster,” said Monroe.
And that starts with the shelter itself, the tent.
“This disaster relief tent is really designed for an extended family of up to ten people.
It’s the most technically advanced aid tent in the world. And really what it’s designed to do is to provide that shelter, and that sense of home for families that lost everything,” explained Monroe.


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FIT candlelight ceremony for Japan

2011年3月17日 (木)


A group of nearly 50 students lit candles Wednesday night in memory of the victims of a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami in northeastern Japan. (Tim Shortt, FLORIDA TODAY)


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Message from BCD Travel South Africa to BCD Travel Japan


This message is from our BCD Travel office to our Japanese colleagues who have been affected by the recent events in their country.



Taro Hakase Japan Appeal Concert London

被災地応援と募金のために行われた葉加瀬太郎氏のロンドンコンサートの報告とメッセージ Taro Hakase was one of many people who organised charity events in support of Japan tsunami disaster. The concert in the video took place in London 17.03.2011. The message is to raise awareness of the importance of willingness to support those in need, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the act maybe. I hope to contribute in a small way through means that are available to me. If you can spread the message of support to those who need it the most, by linking the video to other sites, downloading it and showing it anywhere available to you, that would be amazing! Anyhow, thanks for watching, please do spread the positive message of the act of giving, either in materials, time, hugs or just a few kind words…



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