Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Donation Information site

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami on March 11, 2011 in Northeast Japan took many lives and shocked the entire world. Generous donations from all over the world have been made to help those who were affected by the disaster.

However, due to the lack of information on locally-active NGOs in Japan that are engaging in emergency relief and reconstruction efforts, donations tend to concentrate on a few major international organizations. This could result in excessive resource allocation to some organizations while other experienced locally-active NGOs fail to receive sufficient funds for their relief efforts.


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Pray for Japan ウドー音楽事務所

● イル・ディーヴォ  ● エリック・クラプトン  ● キース・エマーソン  ● キャンディス・ナイト&リッチー・ブラックモア  ● キャンディ・ダルファー  ● サラ・バレリス  ● ジェフ・ダウンズ  ● ジェフ・ベック  ● ジョン・ウェットン  ● スティーヴ・ハウ  ● スティーヴ・ハケット ● スティング  ● セリーヌ・ディオン  ● ソーニャ・クリスティーナ  ● ダリル・ホール&ジョン・オーツ  ● デイヴィッド・カヴァデール  ● デイヴ・キルミンスター  ● テッド・ターナー  ● デフ・レパード  ● デレク・トラックス&スーザン・テデスキ  ● ナイト・レンジャー  ● ニコール・シャージンガー  ● ノラ・ジョーンズ  ● ビリー・ジョエル  ● ブルース・スプリングスティーン  ● ベン・フォールズ  ● ポール・サイモン  ● ポール・ロジャーズ  ● ボン・ジョヴィ  ● マーティン・ターナー  ● マルーン5  ● MR.BIG  ● ユーライア・ヒープ  ● ロリー・ワイズフィールド


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Gamers Heart Japan

海外ゲーム関係者が作った日本への感謝と寄付を呼びかけるサイト。60分のビデオが日本への愛で溢れている。Members of the global videogame community have come together in an unprecedented effort to create a special video to show their appreciation for the Japanese game industry and to raise donations for Red Cross relief efforts for the people of Japan.


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Ecuador: Government will send bananas to the people of Japan


The purchase of bananas from small producers in the province of El Oro is intended to help the Japanese people, who currently are in crisis after the earthquake and the tsunami that struck that Asian nation.
The purchase, of which volume was not detailed but that it would be divided to support the Japanese and to strengthen the school snack program of the beginning of the new academic year scheduled for the 4th of April, would be defined between the State and small and medium producers.



Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Thanks to your incredible generosity, around the world Save the Children has now raised an amazing (US) $20 million and we’ve now reached our fundraising target for the Japan appeal. The funds raised are helping children recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Thank you.


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Lawyers to the Rescue Japan Red Cross Society Fund Raiser

2011年3月31日 (木)


On March 30, 2011 Lawyers to the Rescue hosted an event to raise funds for victims of Japan’s tsunami, earthquake and nuclear disaster at the Sakura Restaurant in Coral Gables, Florida.
The event raised nearly $10,000,00 with donations, auction items and food/sake sales. Over a hundred members of the community attended the event.


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Noriko Ogawa on her Japan disaster appeal concert in London

Renowned pianist Noriko Ogawa will be performing a special appeal concert in aid of the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal at Kings Place on Wednesday 30 March. Here she talks about the disaster that has devastated her country and the music she has chosen to perform


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Art for Japan

Art for Japan is a project founded entirely on the goodwill of the art and design community. We rely on our friends, colleagues and media partners to spread the word and help us create change for the people of Japan. If you believe in the cause, forward our details to as many people as you can, like us on Facebook and of course, buy some art.


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Coragem Japan: Help Japan Tsunami/Earthquakes Victims

2011年3月28日 (月)



Japan is now in a very critical situation due to the 9.0 Magnitude Earthquakes, Tsunamis and a Crisis in Nuclear Power Plants, causing unprecedented causalities in Japanese history.
As of today, here is the latest situation (National Police Agency).
- Death and missing toll is more than 20,000 of March 20, 2011.
- Number of evacuees is around 350,000.
- More than 14,500 houses were totally destroyed and/or washed away.
In order to help the victims of the disaster, we are seeking your assistance for donation in following ways:


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In just four weeks, the 2:46 Quakebook project has turned an idea first voiced in a single tweet, into a rich collection of essays, artwork and photographs submitted by indivdiuals around the world, including people who endured the disaster and journalists who covered it.
2:46 — Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake contains a piece by Yoko Ono, and work created specifically for the book by authors William Gibson, Barry Eisler and Jake Adelstein.



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