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SUM 41 / 日本へのメッセージ

SUM 41 です。日本で起きた悲劇はとても残念で心が痛みます。でも僕らは5月に日本に戻るからね。僕らは皆を元気にロックさせるために行くんだ。そう、僕らは日本を愛している。だから絶対に5月に戻るんだ、楽しみにしてる。ツアーを続けて日本に戻れるのが楽しみだよ。


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日本へのメッセージ a Message for Japan

It all started in the village of Chertsey, UK, with a couple of kids who wrote a message for Japan. We got inspired and wanted to write more.So one day the three of us walked round Chertsey (UK) and asked people if they’d like to send a message to Japan.We were actually a bit nervous; the English are not traditionally very forthcoming with messages “from the heart”, and we had no idea what their reaction would be. Some of the people we know, but many we had never spoken to before. However, we walked into their shops waving paper and pens and a huge great camera … and they welcomed us. They really wanted to do this. “I’d LOVE to send a message to Japan, PLEASE”; “It’s so terrible what has happened”; “I WISH I could help more” – this is what we heard, again and again.So here they are – messages for Japan.


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Message from Jane Birkin ジェーン・バーキンからのメッセージ

大地震、津波、原発の被害に今この瞬間も立ち向かう日本の皆様へ歌を送ります。何と言葉にして良いか分かりません…毎晩日本の友人とインターネットを通じて、安否を気遣い、メッセージを送りあい、フランスからできることを考えています。パリの日­本大使館へ災害お見舞いの記帳にも伺いました。(中略)もう40年以上にもわたり、友情を育んできた日本の方々へ心から愛を送りたいと思います。日本のオーディエンスの方が下さった声援を、ファンの女性が触れただけで泣き崩れた姿を、多くの方々に頂いた贈り物を、温かい想いを、私は忘れることはありません。東北地方で全てを失った方々、避難所で生活する方々の為に、今私ができることは義援金を募ることです。愛用のバーキンバッグをオークションにかけます。(中略)今日、私にできることは皆さんに歌をおくることです。セルジュ・ゲンスブールが書いた「La Javanaise」は、私がかつてコンサートの最後に歌っていた美しい曲ですが、日本の皆様に捧げます。ありがとう、皆さんのご無事を祈っています。どうかお気をつけて…ジェーン・バーキンより


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SING it for Japan


From Oulu, Finland. Im sorry we forgot to have the finnish flag on this. Maybe they can write “Finland” to some corner?
Music Ion by Placebo. I had to put something on the backround, so that it wouldnt be so boring to watch. Feel free to use any part of this you want to.
All organizing and all the flags made by Enna and Nea (special thanks to Mika for helping with the little flags). Edited by Nea with Sony Vegas Pro 9.
And then the biggest and most awesome part of the video.
From the bottom of my heart we want to thank the whole school of Pohjankartano for letting us do this and for wanting to be part of it. (We are not in this school, neather of us has ever even been). You guys make this special.
And we hope the japanese will see how much love for them we have, even tho we live on the other side of the world. Keep the faith.
You are not alone in this.


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Song for Japan Man – Yomigaere! / マン – 甦れ!(応援歌)

A song dedicated to everybody in Japan! Please support Japan by donating money to Rotary www.rotary.org or any other trustworthy organization! Pray for Japan! (and if you feel like it, please pay for Japan too^^ They really do need your help right now! A BIG thanks to everybody who helped me out to make this possible!^^ Also a big thanks to Blackjazzy who made this awesome beat! http://www.youtube.com/user/BlackjazzyRemix The awesome sunrise over Mt Fuji was filmed by evomix2! http://www.youtube.com/user/evomix2 If you liked this, please subscribe!^^ For those of you with questions regarding donations, please send me a message directly and I’ll help you out!^^ Please give the vid a high rating here and it will be on TV! ここで評価してくださいね! 高評価されればNHKで放送されるんだって^^ http://doga.nhk.or.jp/doga/viewvideo.jspx Movie=48411824%2F48411824peevee3813…連絡先/To contact me: manuel.s.eufemia@gmail.com


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I prayed for peace and sang in Green Park of London.

I prayed for peace and sang in Green Park of London.


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みんなで被災者を助けよう! Japan Earthquake Aid & Relief

2011年3月28日 (月)


11th March 2011, An enormous earthquake of magnitude 9.0 struck North-East Japan. As my school project, I created an advert for people to realise how shocking the earthquake and the tsunami were. It is rather crap, but I thought better than nothing. Hope you’ll donate to Japan!


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UK sends emergency drinking water to Japan

The UK is sending emergency drinking water to one of Japan’s worst tsunami-stricken regions in response to an urgent request from the Japanese authorities, the Department for International Development (Dfid) said.
The news came as officials warned today that highly radioactive iodine leaking from the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant could be seeping into seawater further north than previously thought.


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Rebuild Japan – Alles Wat Ik Kan (All That I Can Do)

Bløf, Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Giovanca, Wouter Hamel, Candy Dulfer, Hans Dulfer, Benjamin Herman, Janne Schra en Lange Frans doen LIVE het nummer “Alles Wat Ik Kan/ All That I Can Do”. Allemaal hebben ze wel “iets” met Japan en om de mensen daar een hart onder de riem te steken hebben ze dit nummer geschreven.


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ベルギーから応援メッセージ(2)がんばれ日本! Message from Belgium to Japan!

東日本大震災のニュースを見たベルギーの人たちからの応援メッセージを集めました(第二弾です)!私はベルギー在住です。日本の皆さんのことを本当に応援していま­す。そ­して私に出来ることは全力でして行きたいと思っています。みんなが応援しています!Message to people in Japan from Belgium! Thanks to those people who are so supportive.


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