HOPE & LOVE LONDON fund raise designer sale


7,8 June 12-9pm
Lower Ground Floor 56 Shoreditch High Street London, E1 6JJ
entrance next to Pizza East

We’re calling all fashion designers to get together to help earthquake & tsunami victims in Japan. Following the success at Paris Hope & Love sale, where we raised 141759,90 €, We’re planning it now in London. We need your help. Your participation will make a big difference to the lives of people in Japan.


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GaGa to sell charity bracelet

GENEROUS pop star LADY GAGA has designed a charity bracelet to raise money for those affected by the Japanese tsunami.
The Born This Way singer, 24, today announced via her website and Twitter that the rubber band will be for sale for £3.
The white bracelet features the words, “We pray for Japan,” written in both English and Japanese script.
All the proceeds will go to the relief efforts.
Other celebrities including JUSTIN BIEBER, KIM KARDASHIAN and Glee’s LEA MICHELE have offered their support using their own Twitter pages.

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japan earthquake Help The Mid Florida Red Cross With Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief

Help The Mid-Florida Red Cross With Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Read more: Help The Mid-Florida Red Cross With Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief

As news of the powerful earthquake that rocked Japan yesterday began pouring into Western news outlets, the forces of the International Red Cross were already in motion to help with disaster relief. Here in Orlando, the offices of the American Red Cross Mid-Florida Region were busy fielding phone calls from concerned citizens regarding the crisis and providing information for those who wished to help in any way possible.
Laureen Martinez of the Mid-Florida Region office took time to speak to SUNNY Across Central Florida about the potential role the various American Red Cross groups might have in the coming days as Japan assesses the damage caused by the earthquake, and how people in our area can support relief efforts right now.

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ZAKA Search & Rescue Sending Volunteers to Japan

イスラエルのボランティアー団体のアッピール。HELP ZAKA SAVE LIVES IN JAPAN: http://www.ZAKAFamily.org/Japan

What is ZAKA. Established in 1995, ZAKA is an Israeli humanitarian with 1500+ volunteers in Israel and around the world. It is a United Nations recognized non-governmental organization.  Since its establishment in 1995, ZAKA has become world renowned for its humanitarian efforts. In 2003 a British Member of Parliament recommended that ZAKA be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And in 2005, ZAKA was recognized by the United Nations as an international humanitarian volunteer organization

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Hague: Britain could send aid to quake-hit Japan

Foreign Secretary William Hague has said Britain could send humanitarian assistance along with search and rescue teams to Japan following the devastating earthquake.
Speaking after a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergency response committee, he said so far there had been no confirmation of any British casualties.

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Call to Action: Art for Japan


On March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by one of the worst earthquakes in recorded history. At the current writing, the death toll stands at over 1000 people, with many thousands more still unaccounted for. Worse than the loss of life is the loss of infrastructure; entire villages have been obliterated, and hundreds of thousands are currently unable to return to their homes. Which is to say nothing of the nuclear meltdown that may or may not occur!

Basically, Japan is in a very bad way, and it’s up to us to help them.

Japan has given those of us of a nerdly sort a lot over the years: sushi, angry dogs with curly tails, unsettling pornography, feminine dudes with huge swords, painstakingly thorough RPGs, and SO MUCH MORE. It’s only right and fitting that we repay them, so we’ve decided to put together Art for Japan. Basically, we will be holding an eBay auction of cool goodies in the upcoming weeks and donating the proceeds to Japanese earthquake relief; it’s not rocket science, but like NASA, it DOES depend on you. We need you to donate whatever you can—art, books, whatever—from your creative endeavors in order to make this a roaring success. All proceeds will go to help the Japanese people dig out from under this pile of calamities, and you’ll get the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from doing something nice for people in a whole mess of trouble.

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So! If you’re a cartoonist, illustrator, designer, animator, crafter, fine artist, etc and would like to help, please contact artforjapan2011@gmail.com! If you can send along details of what you’ll be able to contribute and when you might be able to send it to us, that’d be wonderful. If you can’t contribute, please spread the word and keep an eye out—we’re going to try and put together a quick site if we have time (if any volunteers are willing to help us out, that’d be amazing), but updates will definitely be mentioned both here and on our Twitter accounts.


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Japanese Earthquake Donations from Canada, U.K., Australia and other parts of the world

2011年3月12日 (土)



First Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuU7gIRLfOA
The Japan Red Cross has started to accept donations from around the world. If you would like to donate directly to a Japanese organization, I suggest the Japan Redcross.

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Pray for Japan – 3/11/11 earthquake/tsunami


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Message of condolence following the earthquake in Japan, 11 March 2011

The following message was sent by The Queen to the Emperor of Japan:
I was saddened to hear of the tragic loss of life caused by the earthquake which has struck North East Japan today. Prince Philip joins me in extending our heartfelt sympathy to Your Majesty and the people of Japan. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the dreadful disaster.
Elizabeth R

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